Okayafrica – Africa in your earbuds #51 – DJ Zach Cowie

OKAyafrica-ZACH-COWIE-l-715x715In the 51st version of the Africa-in-your-Earbuds-Series Los Angeles-based DJ Zach Cowie (Turquoise Wisdom) provides us with a very fine selection of disco/boogie/electronic party tunes. He invites us to an impressive travel through space (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Togo) and time (late 70′s/ early 80′s). This mix might come as a surprise to many who were not aware of the heavy funk and disco influence that music scenes in Africa experienced in the 70′s and 80′s. You will surely enjoy this lesson in modern African music history.

The mixtape includes tracks by Lijadu Sisters, Francis Bebey and William Onyeabor among many.

1. Salome Nolega & Girls – “Mulima Hale” – Kenyan Songs and Strings 1950 & 1952 – Sharp Wood – Kenya
2. Lijadu Sisters – “Not Any Longer” – Double Trouble – Shanachie – Nigeria
3. Francis Bebey – “The Coffee Cola Song” – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 – Born Bad – Cameroon
4. Harari – “Party” – Supafrico Vol 1 – Supafrico – South Africa
5. Kiki Gyan – “Disco Dancer” – 24 Hours In A Disco – Soundway – Ghana
6. Joe Moks – “Boys And Girls” – Brand New Wayo – Comb & Razor – Nigeria
7. Agar Story – “Christina Lover (Sofrito Edit)” – Tropical Discotheque Ep Vol. 2 – Sofrito – ?
8. Jombo – “Squeeze Me” – Pure Pleasure – Tembo – Nigeria
9. KH (aka Four Tet) – “The track i’ve been playing that people keep asking about…” – 12″ – Text – UK
10. Cos Ber Zam – “Ne Noya (Daphni Edit)” – 12″ – Jiaolong – Togo
11. Tiyiselani Yomaseve – “Yanghoma” – Shangaan Electro New Wave Dance Music From South Africa – Honest Jon’s – South Africa
12. Ata Kak – “Daa Nyinaa (Noema’s Tribute Edit) – African Shakedown – African Shakedown – Ghana
13. Black Soul – “Mangous Ye (12″ Disco Version)” – Supafrico Vol. 6 – Supafrico – Dakar
14. N’draman Blintch – “I First ‘U’ Last” – Cikamele – Cosmic Sounds – Nigeria
15. William Onyeabor – “Everyday” – Anything You Sow – Wilifilms – Nigeria

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‘Africa’, ‘Kumushi’ & ‘Na Ndayeya’ – Namvula

NamvulaI would like to share with you three amazing tracks of a newcomer artist from who we will definitely hear more in future. Namvula is one of many female Zambian artists (like Wezi, Mutinta, Chisamo or Scarlet), who are leading a new generation of Zambian artists and she is cleraly one of the most promising artists among them. Her Afrofolk/pop is refreshing in sound and revolutionary in its lyrics.

Whereas tracks like ‘Kumushi‘ and ‘Na Ndayeya (Part 2)‘ stand out because of their perfect instrumental and vocal harmony, ‘Africa‘ shows a distinct socio-political message. Namvula’s music is gently rebelling against current injustices on the African continent. The tracks are taken from her forthcoming album ‘Shiwezwa‘ (follow the artist on Facebook to receive updates on the release date).

Namvula is not only a musician and photographer but also engageed in the organisation Baobab Cente for Young Survivors in Exile where young people from communities broken by violence have theopportunity to build confidence, find their own voice and share their opinions.

You see me through eyes blinded by what you think you know
From now on shall I be defined by the boundaries of your mind
Shall I bound my back, Shall I shut my mouth
Shall I leave my pride behind and walk on blind
On a besoin d’une révolution (we need a revolution)
On besoin de Thomas Sankara, de Patrice Lumumba, on a besoin
You tell me that my truth isn’t enough to set me free ...”
- Namvula in ‘Africa


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‘Love on the Run’ – Blitz The Ambassador (Feat. Nneka)

love on the runA beautiful Soul-Hip Hop collabo from West-Africa. Ghanaian artist Blitz the Ambassador (‘Internationally Known‘) invited Nigerian NeoSoul star Nneka to feature on his new album ‘Afropolitan Dreams’. Both of them have already collaborated together on the sociopolitical track ‘Bisa‘ before. ‘Love on the Run‘ is released in anticipation of Blitz’ new album, which includes  great African artists from different countries: Seun Kuti, Angelique Kidjo or Just A Band. Blitz is truly living the Pan-African vision though music! You may pre-order the LP via Bandcamp, it drops on the 28th April.

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‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix’ – DJ Juls

dj juls gbeshi afrobeats mixtapeDJ Juls delivered again a quality product: The British-Ghanaian DJ – surely one of the best 10 DJs in this world when it comes to Afrobeats – dropped the brilliant ‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘.

Many Afrobeats-Mixtapes sound like a simple playlist full of the most popular club tracks. The quality of mixtapes cannot be measured alone by the popularity of the included tracks but by the ability of a sound-engineer to create an interesting and diverse mix that considers new tracks and fuses sounds. DJ Juls strikes the balance in brilliant style and invites us listen to great tracks from Naija, Ghana and beyond. If you want to hear more of DJ Juls’ mixtapes, check out his mixology here.

Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘ can be downloaded for free here.


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‘Political War from My Vote Dey Count’ – Yaaba Funk

yaaba funkYaaba Funk is a dynamic London-based ensemble that provides us with a very fine mix of Afrobeat, Highlife, Afrofunk and socio-political messages! Since their formation in 2006 in Brixton, England, they have become a central element of the London Afrobeat-Scene, staging concerts on a regular basis in London and the UK. After their celebrated debut album ‘Afrobeast‘ they are now about to drop their second LP called ‘My Vote dey Count‘ (Out 14th April).

Listen below to the energetic ‘My Vote Dey Count’ as well as pre-view versions of 7 other tracks from the upcoming album:

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