‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix’ – DJ Juls

dj juls gbeshi afrobeats mixtapeDJ Juls delivered again a quality product: The British-Ghanaian DJ – surely one of the best 10 DJs in this world when it comes to Afrobeats – dropped the brilliant ‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘.

Many Afrobeats-Mixtapes sound like a simple playlist full of the most popular club tracks. The quality of mixtapes cannot be measured alone by the popularity of the included tracks but by the ability of a sound-engineer to create an interesting and diverse mix that considers new tracks and fuses sounds. DJ Juls strikes the balance in brilliant style and invites us listen to great tracks from Naija, Ghana and beyond. If you want to hear more of DJ Juls’ mixtapes, check out his mixology here.

Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘ can be downloaded for free here.


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‘Political War from My Vote Dey Count’ – Yaaba Funk

yaaba funkYaaba Funk is a dynamic London-based ensemble that provides us with a very fine mix of Afrobeat, Highlife, Afrofunk and socio-political messages! Since their formation in 2006 in Brixton, England, they have become a central element of the London Afrobeat-Scene, staging concerts on a regular basis in London and the UK. After their celebrated debut album ‘Afrobeast‘ they are now about to drop their second LP called ‘My Vote dey Count‘ (Out 14th April).

Listen below to the energetic ‘My Vote Dey Count’ as well as pre-view versions of 7 other tracks from the upcoming album:

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Introducing: Ifé

ife2Here comes a rising star from Benin that brings us fresh Afropop béninoise! It is not easy to stand out from musicians in Benin – a country with a rich musical culture – but Ifé found her way and released her brilliant debut ‘Témi‘ LP in 2013. When you just listen to one of her songs, you will quickly realize that Ifé has an amazing vocal talent that reminds us on nobody else but Angelique Kidjo - a voice pervasive & strong but yet smooth, gentle & intimate.

About her album she says: “I have titled it ‘Témi’, which means ‘from me’ because it feels like a part of me. The different tracks remind me on events that I experienced in my life. It’s a very personal album that resembles me.”

On ‘Témi‘, Ifé created a captivating mélange of afropop, jazz and elements of funk, which I would like to share with you here. The tracks – all in Ifé’s maternal language Yoruba – were recorded in Cotonou and later mixed in New York. Renowned jazz artist Lionel Loueke has also contributed to the album. The following tracks show a different sites of her music:

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‘We used to call it love’ – Mayra Andrade

mayra-andrade-lovely-difficultI have already written about the magical track ‘Ténpu Ki Bai‘, which was the first track from Mayra Andrade‘s sophomore album ‘Lovely Difficult‘ that we were able to listen to – until now. Stern Records decided to give us another taste of a very promising album, a track titled ‘We used to call it love‘, a beautiful love ballad.

The new album represents a huge step in her career as the Cape Verdean chanteuse sings in four languages (Cape Verdean Creole, English, Portuguese and French. You should definitely have a listen when the album drops next week. I expect nothing less than her international breakthrough.

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‘Feel So Good’ – Tumi (Feat. Ziyon)

tumi Let’s be honest. We all were very sad when Tumi and the Volume broke up. But sometimes great things need to come to an end, for new amazing ones to come to existence. And Tumi (‘Hello Hello Kitty‘) is definitely making the best out of his new career as a solo act, finding new exciting ways to explore and exhibit his artistry.

The most recent piece of this musical exhibition is ‘Feel So Good‘, a soulful Hip Hop love ballad, produced & written by Liquid Deep‘s Ziyon (‘Welcome Aboard‘ & ‘Feel It‘).


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