LP ‘Naomi Wachira’ & EP ‘African Girl’ – Naomi Wachira

naomi wachira2It has been a long time since I listened to such deep, emotional and authentic Folk/Soul music. Naomi Wachira‘s music takes all of your attention – in seconds. Born and raised in the small town of Kijabe, which is situated in the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, Wachira, she started to develop her music passion at the early age of 5 when she joined her parents’ choir. Now, she has become one of the leading Folk voices from Kenya. It’s not only the melody, the rich lyrics that is so fascinating about her music, it’s also the sincere mission of Naomi Wachira to create music for everyone: “To write music that is applicable to anyone regardless of their education, beliefs, or socio-economic status”. The world out there should listen more to Naomi Wachira.

Listen to her excellent self-titled LP, her EP ‘African Girl‘ and watch the video for her breath-taking single ‘African Girl‘.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJMBubNUr1s  Naomi Wachari  *-*  ‘African Girl’

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‘Beats of the Antonov’ Soundtrack – Alsarah

beats of antonovJUSI I LOVE has already featured different music projects by multi-talented Sudanese singer Alsarah (‘Silt‘, ‘Alokoan Baladi‘, ‘The Sounds of Taraab‘). For the promising Hajooj Kuka directed documentary ‘Beats of the Antonov‘ Alsarah used her talents as an ethnomusicologist and recorded field-recordings from the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains people. Listen to four of the tracks below and watch the freshly released trailer for the documentary.

Here is the synopsis of the film: “‘Beats of the Antonov’, a feature documentary that tells the story of the people of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains in Sudan, showing how they deal with civil war, and, more specifically, how the fear of the Russian-made Antonov planes that bomb these areas has had an unexpected result. Thanks to remarkable access, the film – directed by Sudanese filmmaker Hajooj Kuka, and produced by Sarah Abunama-Elgadi and Steven Markovitz for Big World Cinema – reveals how challenge and conflict can bring the best out of people, reflecting the music and identity in the above 2 conflict areas.”

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‘As’jiki’ – BIG FKN GUN

Asjiki big fkn gunThe trio BIG FKN GUN originates from Durban but is based in South African metropolis Johannesburg. Bra Sol, Keith Kunene, and Soulfaktor have already proven in earlier projects that they produce some of the most innovative Hip Hop creations coming from the African continent (‘Space’, ‘ABC’, ‘R!ot’).

As’jiki‘ is their newest masterpiece. A smooth and laid-back rap track. Download it for free here.

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‘Fairy Tale’, ‘Let’s Go’ & ‘Clouds’ – Jarel

jarel fairy talesFantasy. This is how Jarel tags his track ‘Fairy Tales‘ on his soundcloud. It may not sound like a ‘classic’ genre but it perfectly sums up what this song is about and what it does with its listener. Here is an artist whose creativity seemingly does not know any boundaries. Jarel, poet/singer/songwriter, who calls Mombasa, the beautiful coastal town in Kenya, his hometown invites us to have a new musical experience.

Fairy Tales‘ shines through brilliant lyricism, its cosmic atmosphere and the immediate imaginations it provokes in oneself.

… Clench a drop of golden sunshine,
Trapped between the roots and vines.
There is peace within the moment,
It’s unbroken in the leaves.
Raindrops, shattered in a billion pieces,
Hear its deafening roar.
The Evening Song will not falter,
the Birds will safely guide it Home.

But it is not the only masterpiece by this Kenyan newcomer. Jarel recently launched the ‘Plus Minus Collection‘, for which he releases a track each month from July to October. ‘Let’s Go‘ debuted in the series. It was selected as the Song of the Week by Design Indaba whose writer Shiba Mazaza called the track  a”jazz-infused celebration of freedom and release.” On both tracks Jim Chuchu contributed his skills with backing vocals, instrumentation and production.

Listen also to ‘Clouds‘ a warm melange from Soul and Jazz which Jarel officially released in June.

All tracks are available for download at jarel.bandcamp.com


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‘Smile (Unanifurahisha)’ – Amos & Josh

amos joshA new Afropop duo on the horizon in Kenya. Amos & Josh already rose to fame in Kenya through their participation in the Tusker Project Fame Season Six. We all know that these music reality shows are not really caring about producing first class artists. The two became second in the competition and have started their professional music career despite that.

In the production of their first official release, ‘Smile (Unanifurahisha)‘ they were supported by Sauti Sol Entertainment and we know that we can expect nice Afropop if Sauti Sol is involved. Bien Aime Baraza, Sauti sOL member, supported the duo in writing the track. The creative head behind the track was Kenyan producer Cedric (Cedo) Kadenyi.
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